All of our adult classes are held in a friendly environment incorporating drills and training methods to help you gain the ability to use what you have learned in an actual situation.  We go through a progression of skills in a comfortable fashion so before you know it, you are feeling more coordinated and capable of defending yourself in real life situations.


Jeet Kune Do was the philosophy of Bruce Lee.  The idea is to study everything you can, take what is useful from all of those styles and create a system of martial arts and self defense that works for you as an individual.  This philosophy was Mixed Martial Arts before it became en vogue.  

In our JKD/MMA classes we incorporate a variety of styles and systems including but not limited to Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Jiu Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Savate and more into an eclectic hybrid martial art system that is practical and catered to you as an individual.  

The goal is to help you gain the ability to function in all ranges of fighting without a weapon, kicking, punching, trapping (clinch range) and grappling/wrestling.  


In our Filipino Martial Arts classes we focus on weapons training including stick and knife.  The skills developed and timing not only can help you understand the implications and nuances of self-defense against a weapon, but also translate to your open hand skills as well.  


In most of our classes we focus on developing our ability to protect ourselves and honing our martial arts skills, with the secondary bonus of improving our health and fitness.  In Combat Cardio Kickboxing, the primary focus is on using skills and drills from Mixed Martial Arts to improve our health and fitness.  

This is a great workout for improving your cardiovascular and muscular fitness.  You will burn calories and help improve your toning and weight loss as well.  As a side bonus, you will learn how to execute some really effective self-defense principles.  


A class just for women for a comfortable place to work martial arts and self defense skills specifically for what women might deal with in their daily lives.  Whether it be a situation with a familiar face or a stranger and an assault situation.  Real world applications in a safe and friendly environment.  


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