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JEet Kune do/MMA

The philosophy of bruce lee

“There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way.”
― Bruce Lee, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Our Jeet Kune Do/MMA classes are a blend of a variety of styles designed to help each student develop a system of fighting and martial art that works for them.  We incorporate elements from boxing, Wing Chun kung fu, Thai Boxing, Savate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Filipino Martial Arts and more to create a hybrid system that helps the individual honestly express themself.  

In these classes you can expect to do drills that will help you perfect and develop your skills so they are functional and usable when you really need them.  You will get an amazing toning and cardio workout as well.  We end each class and leave time for sparring and open mat at the end so you can test out what you have learned against a non-compliant opponent or work on whatever skills you want extra time to go deeper into.

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