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Begin here - this class series will lay the groundwork for the future. 

Striker's Academy

This class series focuses on the proper execution of various upper body strikes with an emphasis on punches, elbows, and forearm strikes.


Kicking Institute.

This module emphasizes maintaining and entering through kicking range.  These classes emphasize various kicks and knee strikes.


Footwork University

This series emphasizes the proper execution of foot work - the oft neglected foundation to effective fighting.



This module focuses on building your knowledge on a variety of defensive techniques and strategies.

DSC_0592 (2).JPG.jpg


An advanced module focusing on the heart of Jeet Kune Do, Interceptions.  Here you'll learn to learn to integrate attack and defense simultaneously.

Tai Chi Training

Low Impact Martial Arts

This module is for those recovering from an injury or managing health conditions or joint pain that prohibits more intense training.


Partner Drills

If you are fortunate enough to have a training partner, these classes are for you. Drills you can do with a partner. Focus pads recommended.


Weapons Classes

Classes on various weapons including escrima, knife, flexible weapons, staff and more.

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