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How Would Bruce Lee Have Stayed in Shape During the Pandemic with Zero Equipment and no Training Partners?

30 Minute Live Streaming Workouts from New Jersey Based JKD Instructor Get You Shredded, Strong, and in Functional Fighting Shape Even if You’ve Failed at Fitness Before…

Dear Friends, 


My name is TJ Miller and I’m a certified Jeet Kune Do instructor and owner of the Ludus Martial Arts Academy in Mt. Holly, NJ. 


We opened the doors of our academy just as the pandemic struck the world. Within days, everything was shut down, gyms, dojos, and us. We had literally just signed up dozens of students and we had to close our doors. 


It was a disaster. 


Or so we thought…


Then, during one of my morning Combat Cardio workouts, I had an idea. What if I could share the fat shredding, lean functional muscle building exercises I was doing with my students while they were stuck at home too?


While I was lucky enough to be stranded in a fully equipped dojo, the majority of my students weren't. They had little to no equipment and no training partners to work with.


So, the Zero Equipment Combat Cardio Method was born!


I started doing live Zoom classes as well as recording them for those who missed the live event. It worked so well that not only did our students stay in fighting shape throughout the pandemic, when we reopened our doors they were ready to go!!

This type of training was so effective and successful that I’m bringing it back! 


Not only can our students benefit, but now you can too!


Only $30/month

  • MWF Friday 8 AM EST Zoom and Facebook Live

  • Thursday 6:30 PM Zoom class

Try FREE for 7 days, no obligation

Boxing Training

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to walk around looking and feeling like a warrior?  Or the knock-down effect it would have on the people around you. That’s why I’m running this brand new livestream web class (try a FREE week starting on Monday, November 29) to show you exactly what I did, along with my students, during the pandemic (and help you do it too).

What Can You Expect Inside the Live Combat Cardio Classes?

  • Highly effective follow along MMA style bodyweight workouts 3 x’s per week that are scalable to any level of fitness and experience so you can just tune in and train, no guesswork required!

  • Massive increases in your daily energy levels so that you can work harder, play longer, & train more often, not to mention recover much quicker from any exertion!

  • Fat burning exercises that will skyrocket your metabolism so you can shred unwanted body fat and build self-confidence!

  • Functional fighter based exercises so that you can be in warrior shape, even if you never step into a ring!

Only $30/month

  • MWF Friday 8 AM Zoom and Facebook Live

  • Thursday 6:30 PM Zoom class

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