Belt Levels

Click the belt above to see a copy of the belt test requirements for that level

Tutorials (watch the videos)

Yellow Belt Footwork 1-4 
Yellow Belt Footwork Pendulum Forward & Back & Passes 
Black Stripes

Black stripes are earned for specific tasks or skill sets.

1. Fighting Stance  (White Belt only)
2. Siniwali drill (6 count with sticks) 
3. 10 Count Grappling Drill  (Orange belt or lower)
4. Moves 1-20 wing chun dummy (Blue Belt or lower)
5. Moves 1-58 wing chun dummy (Blue Belt or lower)
6. 116 wing chun dummy kata
7. Hubud drill angles 1-5 (Blue Belt or Lower)
8. Sombrada drill (Green Belt or Lower)
9. Punyo Sombrada drill
10. Quarterstaff kata
11. Double stick sombrada drill
12. Chi sao
13. Quarterstaff Sombrada
14. Assist Class (youth)
15. Teach Class (adult)
16. Escrima: Flow from largo mano, sombrada, punyo somnbrada and hubud
17. Knife sombrada to disarms and Numerata Drill
18. Effective 2 on 1 sparring