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Filipino martial arts

If you want to have a complete self defense system you need to be ready to deal with any situation you may encounter on the street.  These situations may include weapons so the complete martial artist should have a base of some kind of weapons system.  The Filipino Martial Arts are trained by military and police forces all over the world because of their effectiveness in the use of a variety of weapons.  

In these classes we focus on the escrima (stick), knife, swords, flexible weapons and more to give practical applications for use against weapons them and drills that are both effective and fun.  

One of the great aspects of the martial arts of the Philippines is that they are based on angles of attack instead of individual techniques for every scenario.  You learn to respond to angles of attack and then that skill and principle applies over a variety of weapons.  Instead of learning 1000 moves, you learn one that can apply to anything coming at you from that particular angle.  

The flow drills of these arts also give you so much repetition that your body and muscle memory will learn to respond naturally and automatically.  

Come try these classes out for something different and a great workout with a very interesting history.

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